Shokay – Socially Responsible Premium Yak Down


First of all I’d like to wish you all a belated Happy New Year 2018! I hope that this year will be amazing for all of us!

I would definitely call myself a lover of luxurious products – I have already invested in a couple of handbags, several beauty products and cashmere sweaters. But have I ever heard of yak down? No. This is something I deeply regret, because ever since I know of “Shokay” I am in love with their products.

I have received my sweater from Tricia on behalf of Shokay. Tricia and the whole team behind the brand are very socially invested. It is worth reading about their message.

Just to mention a couple of points:

Shokay products are made in Tibet by local people who use local Yak down. When you purchase a piece from Shokay you actually help them to invest in this community. Through Shokay Tibetans don’t have to move into big cities to find work, but they can hold onto their tradition of having yak farms and they can even grow these farms. Through a growing business of Shokay they can and will employ more and more people from this region and pay them a fair income. They have already increased the income of their 50 hand knitters by 40%. That’s awesome!

Trust me, this brand spreads a very important message – besides this I can honestly tell you that their products are luxurious. My sweater is the softest thing I have ever felt and warm and cozy.


Okay, now let me show you how I styled my sweater.

We went out shopping in Atlanta and I wore it with a pair of leather pants and my favorite grey booties. To go with it I picked my black suede jacket and one of my all time favorite handbags: my Chloe Faye.

All in all I felt super luxe, warm and comfortable. You will see this sweater many more times from now on 🙂

I have created a little shopping list for you to show which products I am totally in love with. I know that I will get my hands on many more, especially since they as well have scarfs, hats, gloves, throws and… super adorable… knitted toys! One of those would make the most perfect gift at a baby shower, right? 🙂

And btw, you can get 15% off your whole purchase with code SHEDOESFASHION –  I hope that you shop on their page to support them.

Ladies’ Himalaya V-Neck Long Cardigan

Serene Shawl

Serene Scarf

Qinghai Handspun Wool Handknit Headwarmer

Knot Of Eternity Gloves

Windmill Throw

Baby Yak Knit Toy



**As already mentioned I have kindly been gifted the sweater. I have never been told to only leave positive opinions nor have I been told to write a blog post. All opinions expressed are my own, please trust me. It is very important to me. Feel free to read my full Disclaimer here.

This product was gifted to me - I am in no obligation to talk positive about this sweater nor to write on my blog about it. I just think that you all should know about this amazing brand.


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      Aww thank you so much my dear! 🙂

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