How to look flawless with Rodial


Have you ever tried Rodial products? Are you curious if they are worth their price tag?

For you – here are my impressions and how I received flawless skin with Rodial.

I have received the products** about a week ago and have to say that there is only one product I am not too sure about.


So, how does my Rodial morning routine look like and how do I get along with the products?

After brushing my teeth and cleansing my face I apply the “Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask”. To be honest: this product is something completely new for me! It’s very interesting to apply a mask onto my lips, but it gives a hydration boost and plumps your lips. They look a lot fuller and softer afterwards.

After leaving the mask on for 15 minutes and gently massaging the residue into the skin I apply the “Dragon’s Blood Velvet Cream”. You will definitely notice that the cream is very thick and rich, which I am usually not a fan of. In this case the cream sinks into the skin quickly and leaves the skin feeling very soft and hydrated. It’s definitely one of those products that I will continue using as a makeup primer, too. Something I should let you know about it is that it has a strong scent in my opinion – I would say it’s a grapefruit scent which is not my favorite. But besides that I really like this cream – I am glad that I received it, because I would have been too shy to try it out.

“…the winner of all the products I have received”

Next step is the “Stem Cell Lip” – for me the winner of all the products I have received. It has a subtle rose scent and feels super soft and oily on the lips, but definitely not sticky. It’s a lip product I always carry with me – at home and when I go out. What I love to do is applying a bit under and over my lipstick – the lipstick then looks a lot fresher and the lips don’t crack at all.

As soon as I have applied my whole base makeup I use the “Liquid Liner Precision Eyeliner Pen” in black. The eyeliner is everything I expect from a high end product. The tip creates an even line that you can draw on very fine or thick. The ink come out evenly and doesn’t look blotchy. The only downside to it is that it’s not waterproof, so if you have oily eyelids: it’s not for you.

The last Rodial step in my routine is finishing my look with the “Blusherin the shade South Beach. A beautiful pink shade that will make you look awake and healthy – a look I really love to go for. You can apply it very subtle or build it up for a real pop of color. What I find very interesting is the oil absorption ability of it. With it your skin will not start to look greasy and the blush will last longer. So if you are into powder blush, then I definitely recommend looking into this product.

So what are my overall thoughts on Rodial?

I think that it is a very solid brand with a very good range of products. The products definitely worked for me and I haven’t had any negative skin issues with them. I will continue using them and I definitely recommend them to you. The product I am not too keen on is the “Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask”. It’s a good product and does it’s job, but for me it’s honestly a bit gimmicky. My number one product has to be the “Stem Cell Lip” – it definitely is a keeper and the winner. I will 100% repurchase it.





What are your thoughts on Rodial? Have you ever tried some of their products? Let’s have a chat in the comment section.


**This post is sponsored by Rodial and Collectively Inc. Products were provided complimentary. All opinions expressed are my own and honest. You can trust me. Feel free to read the full Disclaimer here.



    • Sarah @shedoesfashion
      October 17, 2017 / 8:21 am

      Hun go get your hands on their products – they are worth the splurge!
      And if you can only pick one, then definitely go for the “stem cell lip” 🙂


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